Lake Mburo national park “the whispers of the wild” is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda and its slogan is whispers of the wild located in western Uganda in kiruhura district after near Sanga town heading to Mbarara city centre. it covers about 3760 square kilometres and it is 240km away from Kampala through masaka- Mbarara road, it is easily to enter the park through Nshara Gate after driving 15 kilometres from the main road. It is under the government control.

Lake mburo national park is covered by shrubs, wetlands, acacia trees, thick bushes, open and savannah forests, lakes seasonal and permanent swamps. The only national park with impalas.

Are you interested in knowing the history, attractions, activities accommodation and more others about Lake Mburo National Park? This article is all yours to read.

History of lake Mburo national park

Lake mburo was gazetted in 1993 as controlled hunting area and upgraded into game reserve in 1963 during the reign of president Milton Obote and officially published as national park in 19683. The region was settled by Banyankole bahima who traditionally herd Ankole cattle and they are still do.

Lake mburo national park lies in the shadows between Lake Victoria and mountains of Rwenzori and it comprises of five lakes with worderful curved land scape, it has both permanent and seasonal wetlands. The lakes in national park contains six different species like tilapia, mud fish, lungfish among others.

There is a story tale that long time ago, in Ankole kingdom there were two brothers; kigarama and mburo stayed in the valley within national park and one-night kigarama had a bad, scaring dream in which a flood covered the valley and killed both him and his brother. Kigarama was too frightened and decided to caution his brother mburo to leave his home in the valley but mburo didn’t pay attention to the warning of his brother kigarama and everything he said. Then later, kigarama’s dream came true the valley was flooded with water and formed the current lake mburo. because of folk story tale the lake was named mburo and the surrounding hills around the lake named kigarama in remembrance of two brothers.

Major attractions in lake mburo national park

Lake mburo is famous for the impalas though it has other wildlife ranging from eland, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, waterbuck, leopard, oribi among others.it also has only two species of monkeys which include the vervet monkey and the worderful baboons that are seen the beautiful trees of lake mburo national park.

Other attractions in lake mburo national park


Lake Mburo national park is the one of the smallest national parks in east Africa but it is a home of surprising diversity of wildlife with 69 mammal species such as impalas, giraffes, zebras, eland, Buffalo, waterbuck, leopard, hyenas, oribi, hippos and crocodiles, Antelopes and among others.

Lake mburo.

Lake mburo is a natural haven for fauna and flora. It has different species of animals and birds6 such as pied kingfisher, blue headed weaver, green necked doves, hamerkops, pelicans, herons, malachite king fisher, African fish eagle among others, it also has crocodiles and hippopotamuses are permanent residents.

Rwonyo rest camp

This is the canter for tourism activities in the national park. It is the starting point for nature hikes, game drives and forest walks. There is also a small shop selling handcraft.

Rubanga forest

Though this forest is small, it is found on the western side of lake mburo that provides a taste of tropical high forest with a closed canopy and viewing platform for visitors6 and it is a home of different species of birds.

Game tracks

National Park has several tracks on the e6astern hinterland of the park where a variety of animals and birds can be seen. It also has a hilltop viewpoint which provides a panoramic vista of the park and its five lakes.

Activities in lake Mburo national park

Best done activities in lake mburo national park will provide you the most engagement in when you visit lake Mburo.


Prime areas for birding in lake Mburo national park include acacia woodland and research tracks the wooded shores of lake mburo and the lakes in northern fringe of papyrus wetland.

Wildlife game drive.

This is the best-done activity at lake Mburo national park which can be done with several means of transport such as safari vehicles, bike riding, horseback riding. To enjoy the game drive, you can use the mentioned transport and also a network of game tracks explores the eastern hinterland of lake Mburo providing a chance of seeing a variety of savanna animals.

Night game drives

Night game drive with a ranger guide provides a chance to see nocturnal animals such as bush babies, pottos and leopards depending on the luck of the day

Bicycle tours

The bicycle tour is another experience used to explore t6he park and its surrounding areas. Note that those tours are always guided by tour rangers who are experienced enough and they can be able to answer all questions and keep the travellers out of harm. During bicycle rides one can, be able to view different wild animals.

Forest walks

Lake mburo national park authorities can organise forest walks for their clients6 from rabongo forest whic6h is marvellous f6or birders and nature lovers. This forest has 40 species of birds6 and many species of trees such as acacia, palm fig trees among others

Guided nature walks

During this activity, clients participate with escorts of professional ranger guide at an extent of educational measure.6 this carried out in the park covers several interesting trails with in the park, clients can as well hikethr6ough the woodlands where you can be able to see different b6ird species, mammals and flora and lakes inside the park. this gives clients t6he best experience.

Salt lick walk

Guided walks makes you to explore the park around Rwonyo, culminating in a visit to a natural salt lake where wildlife can also be viewed from a timber observation platforms.

Sport fishing

This activity can be conducted in the lakes of n6ational park and around the park6 but lake mburo mostly attract the number of fishermen. Travellers are required to acquire fishing permits from Uganda wildlife authority and also carry fishing equipment if they to enjoy the activity.

Horseback riding

Lake mburo national park is the only national park in Uganda where you can encounter the parkin its full beauty while riding the horse which looks unique and rare experience. This activity is one of the hallmarks why clients are increasing in the park every year.6 you can make horse riding arrangement at Mihingo lodge.

Cultural experience

The park is surrounded local community groups who are trained in eco – tourism and biodiversity6 and they are involved in some in different projects. Such communities where cultural experience are conducted include6; ankole cultural community group, rwenjeru campsite, igongo cultural centre, rwabarata drama group. They all entertain in local dance, drama and entertainment6 also have good handcrafts that can be sold to tourists.

Animals in lake Mburo

Lake Mburo national park is a home of 350 bird species as well as 68 mammals species such as zebras, impalas, elands, oribi, buffalos, waterbucks, leopard, hippos, hyena, reedbuck, jackal and topi and more others.

Where to stay in lake mburo national park

Lake mburo national park has many hotels, resorts, and rentals and tented camp such as mburo eagle’s nest, hyena hill lodge, mihingo lodge, mantana tented camp, arcadia cottages among others which can provide all types of services such as budgeted clients, midrange and luxury clients.

Best time to visit lake mburo national park

It is good to visit lake mburo national park in dry season which begins from June and continues through July and august and lasts for three months in December, January and February. These are the best months to visit lake mburo national park because of its cool and dry. But that one doesn’t mean that when you come in other days you can fail to visit lake Mburo national park.

How can I reach to lake Mburo

By Road

Lake Mburo national park can be accessed by driving from Entebbe/ Kampala-Mbarara Road where you can easily enter the park through Nshara gate which takes 4 hours in 240km and those from Mbarara town you can enter through Sanga gate.

By Air

Flight distance from Entebbe to lake Mburo national park is 177km and it is the quickest means to reach the park which takes like 1 hour.

Where can I get banking services in Lake Mburo

You can get banking services at Amron Forex Bureau which can provide currency exchange services

you can move with small amount of money when you’re on-road trip in Uganda in case you want to buy something on the way and you can also move with credit cards which can attract addition here in Uganda


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